Why Choose A Private Home


The average costs of senior care has gone up significantly in recent years and is only projected to climb. This is because those 65 and up are now living longer. The U.S Census has estimated that there will be approx. 87 million seniors living in the United States by the year 2050 (almost double that of the 2010 Census). The law of supply and demand will continue as we witness care costs soar.  Many eligible seniors have to depend on retirement funds , estate sales , SSI or contributions from family to pay for residential care. Costs is just one of several factors in choosing a Residential Care Home.

More Than a Number

Harch Care Resource believes that every care facility type serves its purpose. However, we also believe that there may come a time when an individual is no longer suited for certain environments and may need a higher level of personalized care. In the event that you or your loved one is no longer able to take advantage of a more independent lifestyle due to physical decline or other health concerns a Residential Care Home could be your solution. Features like all personal amenities and low staff to resident ratios makes private care communities a winner among most. Individualized care is a specialty for small communities such as Residential Care Homes; there are never too many residents to get the 1-on-1 support that they need.

Lasting Friendships

Frequently, we hear stories about placed residents who were labeled as non-verbal or "a loner" when coming from a large assisted living community or nursing home. Back at the old place the resident showed no interest in speaking or ever participating in any community events. Yet, once in the smaller assisted living environment they begin to socialize with other residents and staff.  Continue reading to see a Residential Care Home Manager who witnessed their new resident's very rewarding progress.

A Better Quality of Life Now...He Talks & Plays Games Too!

"I will never forget when Kevin walked through our front door.   He seemed a bit agitated and shy. His family had already warned us that he had no desire to be around others and hated activities. So, like the family suggested we turned the TV on in his room and would come back to check on him throughout the day.  Every day we asked him if he wanted to sit in the common area with the residents and watch TV with them. Every day he said no. This went on for a whole week. On the 8th day when he was about to refuse yet again, the staff asked him to just sit in there for 5 minutes and if he wanted he could go back to his room... Kevin reluctantly agreed.

​As luck would have it, one of the residents rolled his wheelchair next to him and began what ended up being an hour long conversation. Every since that day Kevin has been socializing more and participating in a few activities per week. We told his family and they were shocked. The smaller environment must have had a positive affect on him. Kevin definitely has a better quality of life now with lots of love, laughter and friends. I am so happy for him! 

- Caregiver Manager

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