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Private Home options, commonly referred to as Residential Care Homes are typically independently operated and can vary greatly from the style to the amenities offered.  If you are interested in learning more about these options please subscribe to our CareNews emails and get free access instant access to our Whitepaper download.

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John M.Found a home for my dad!

I was a case of unexpected events. I am only 35 and never thought I would have to decide on nursing care for my father at his age.  However,  he had a stroke a week after his 59th birthday.  As you can imagine, this placed our entire family in a tailspin. Fortunately for dad he pulled through rehab and all.  Then, the time came for him to be released from rehab but he had lost significant use of his left side on his body. This made it very difficult for me to try and assist him even a short distance to the restroom and that was just at the rehab! I was told by doctors that he was a definite fall risk. I knew there was no way I could do this full-time and keep my IT job.  Luckily, the rehab told me about the referral service that Harch Care Resource provides. Within 48 hours I was able to confidently choose a great Residential Care Home for my dad where all his needs are currently being met. Before this I only knew of  the very Large Assisted Living and Nursing Homes. Neither of which was my favorite option.  Thank you Harch Care Resource! You saved my pockets and my sanity!  - JOHN M.